swe2   Eltex MES2324,   К.Маркса 31

Interface:Te1/0/1  (25)     Link to Ростелеком (оптический кросс 2, порт 4)
Interface:Te1/0/2  (26)     Link to SKAT dna1 (IKS Router eth2)
Interface:Te1/0/3  (27)     Link to IKS Router eth3 (gw1)
Interface:Te1/0/4  (28)     Link to SKTV Router
Interface:Gi1/0/1       sw3 int 10, gw7 g0/0/0.9 v.9
Interface:Gi1/0/2       sw1 int 40, gw7
Interface:Gi1/0/3       gw7 int gi0/0/0
Interface:Gi1/0/8       Link Aggregation to swe1 gi1/0/8
Interface:Gi1/0/9       Link Aggregation to swe1 gi1/0/9
Interface:swe2 Gi1/0/10      
Interface:swe2 Gi1/0/13       Link to gw4 g0/1 Test BGP
Interface:Gi1/0/24       swx3 port 24, Control of this switch

GREEN ### Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second
BLUE ### Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second