sw4 Cisco Catalist 3560-48TS

Interface:FastEthernet0/1    vlan 99,207,444    Trunk to MPRO-2 (Mux700), Камчатагропромбанк
Interface:FastEthernet0/2    vlan 129 untag    WiFi г-ца Петропавловск
Interface:FastEthernet0/3    vlan 202,203,762    Trunk to GS-RAN
Interface:FastEthernet0/6    vlan 476,475,513-515,517-519,521-523,527-529,533,551-558,572,903    Trunk to RTComm Kmch-cat1 F0/2
Interface:FastEthernet0/7    vlan 702,958    Cisco 7201 G0/1
Interface:FastEthernet0/8    vlan 206 untag    Kamtrank, Сервер в аппаратной
Interface:FastEthernet0/9    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/10    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/13    vlan 213 untag    IP IDirect DBT (на sw5 F0/7)
Interface:FastEthernet0/14    vlan 214,327-329,450,855    Trunk to OBS (Equant), Catalist2950 port 21
Interface:FastEthernet0/15    vlan 851 untag    SORM IKS IP
Interface:FastEthernet0/17    gw9, vlan 125 untag    Роскомнадзор. Ревизор.
Interface:FastEthernet0/18    Mirror v. 553   
Interface:FastEthernet0/28    vlan 122 untag    ДИАС К.Маркса 31
Interface:FastEthernet0/29    vlan 104 untag    Гостиница "Петропавловск"
Interface:FastEthernet0/30    vlan 106 untag    Магазин "Юна-Лайт"
Interface:FastEthernet0/31    vlan 240 untag    Боулинг Космиг
Interface:FastEthernet0/32    vlan 209 untag    Краевая библиотека
Interface:FastEthernet0/33    vlan 215    Trunk to EuroNet cisco 2811 F0/1
Interface:FastEthernet0/34    vlan 205 untag    EuroNet IP cisco 2811 F0/0
Interface:FastEthernet0/35    vlan 128    DIAS 516 Cisco 2821 F0/1
Interface:FastEthernet0/36    vlan 128    DIAS 516 VoIP Computer
Interface:FastEthernet0/37    vlan 127 untag    SATIS Monitoring
Interface:FastEthernet0/38    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/39    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/40    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/41    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/42    vlan 217 untag    Loto-Service Сервер в аппаратной
Interface:FastEthernet0/43    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/44    vlan   
Interface:FastEthernet0/45    vlan 91,99    Trunk to Aeroport fiber trough Polikom
Interface:FastEthernet0/46    vlan 506,571    Trunk to DS through Polikom, Peerring DS
Interface:FastEthernet0/47    vlan 1,99,102-124,140,142,145,147,151,207,208,212,521,701,878    Trunk to sw5 F0/1
Interface:FastEthernet0/48    vlan 853 untag    TDMoIP, E1 каналы СОРМ, КГТУ, РРЦ, ФСО
Interface:GigabitEthernet0/1    vlan    Trunk to gw11 G0/1
Interface:GigabitEthernet0/2    vlan    Trunk to swz1 int 12, and other Zyxel Switches
Interface:GigabitEthernet0/3    vlan    Trunk to gw9 G0/1
Interface:GigabitEthernet0/4    vlan    Shutdown. Trunk to gw6 (7201) G0/3

GREEN ### Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second
BLUE ### Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second