sw2 Catalist WS-C4500X-16   Аппаратная

Interface:Ten1/1    Ростелеком   
Interface:Ten1/3    gw1 Ten0/1/0   
Interface:Ten1/4    gw1 Ten0/2/0   
Interface:Ten1/5    SKAT dna1 (from Global to SKAT)   
Interface:Ten1/6    swe1 Ten1/0/2   (SKTV ASR PPPoE)   
Interface:Ten1/7    SKAT dna0 (from Local to SKAT)   
Interface:Ten1/8    Google 1   
Interface:Ten1/9    IKS Router eth2   
Interface:Ten1/10    IKS gw7 gi0/0/0   
Interface:Ten1/11    IKS Router eth3   
Interface:Ten1/12    New Cashe MARA eth1 p2p data   
Interface:Ten1/13    SKTV Router   
Interface:Ten1/14    Google 2   
Interface:Ten1/16    Peering to SKTV & SKAT Cache (sw1 int 40)   

GREEN ### Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second
BLUE ### Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second